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In Accordance with:
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

background screening services




Why does it take longer to get some results than others?

This is almost totally dependant on the jurisdiction to be searched. Some Courts are not computerized, and a hand search of docket books, index cards, and handwritten journals is necessary to complete a 7 year search. Also, in jurisdictions where researchers do not have direct access to the criminal index, we are dependant on the court clerk staff to provide the requested information.

Why do you need both the Date of Birth and the Social Security Number?  

We are dealing in information that can potentially impact a subjects life in a negative way, it is essential that all available identifying information be submitted in order to get the most accurate match against the criminal index. 

What are the most common reasons for "Missed Records"?

Bad Identifying information on the subject to be searched
Record information is in a non-reporting court - different county

The record information is out of scope - older than 7 years

Your information is kept confidential and is encrypted prior to transmission.
For your protection we use  Address Verification System (AVS) when processing your credit card.
Last Modified: Wednesday, May 18, 2021