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BEFORE you hire........ You want to know all you can about an individual and the traditional method of contacting past employers is no longer sufficient. Employers have become aware of the consequences of bad hiring decisions. Employers can and are being held liable for the willful misconduct of their employees, even if the employees' actions occur outside the scope or place of employment. This form of liability is defined by the legal theories of negligent hiring and retention. Negligent hiring is based on the idea that employers have a duty to exercise care when selecting employees. An employer must adequately screen individuals by performing a "reasonable" inquiry of the applicant's history. Negligence occurs when an employer does not perform this "duty of care" by failing to screen, conducting an inadequate screening, or hiring an applicant whom is unfit based on information uncovered during a screening. Negligent retention is only different from negligent hiring in the timing the employee is determined unfit for employment. If the employer discovers during the course of employment that the employee is unfit and fails to take appropriate action, then negligence has occurred by "retaining" the employee.
Employers are being held responsible for creating a safe environment for employees, customers, and the public at large. The courts have indicated that this duty must be performed by adequate screening policies.

Employment screening will:

employment screeningDiscourage applicants with something to hide
background screeningEliminate uncertainty in the hiring process
applicant screeningDemonstrate Due Diligence
pre-employmentEncourage honesty in the application and interview process

Performing background screenings is not an absolute guarantee that every bad applicant will be discovered. However, employment screening is an effective risk management tool that has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of a bad hire. Employment screening helps to promote a safe and profitable workplace. Applying a screening program demonstrates due diligence and provides an employer with a great deal of legal protection. 

Criminal Record searches are strongly suggested for all employees.


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